American Mustache Institute > Sorteio de dois Tickets de BAseball para Mustacheanos

AMI Offering Tickets to MLB All Star Game

Shamefully, as of now there will be no mustaches on the starters for next Tuesday’s Major League Baseball All-Star game. Not only is this disappointing in that baseball once was the cradle of mustache culture, but keep in mind, the game is being held in St. Louis — home of the world’s largest mustache — the Gateway Arch. So that’s a real issue.

Your American Mustache Institute has decided it will not take this calamity of titanic proportions sitting down. We are not only changing the rules to insert some mustache into the game, but will reward someone with two free tickets to the mid-Summer classic.

To participate in the “All-Star ‘Stache Dash” — it’s a flash-mob digital clue hunt — just sign up to follow the 2009 All-Star ‘Stache Dash on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Then, as you stumble drunkenly through St. Louis, look for mustached baseball cards from the 1980s like this looker of Kirk Gibson. Then pay attention to daily updates to the Facebook and Twitter pages on your mobile phones for clues to the final prize.

Come Monday night, someone will win two tickets to see the bare-faced mortals slug it out to determine home field advantage for the 2009 World Series (which is the dumbest thing ever – thank you again Mr. Selig).

Carry on.

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