Honored Brothers in Mustache Around the World

In early June next , the world will celebrate 66 years of D-Day invasion in Normandy.
We mustacheans soldiers, will honor this time doing our own invasion: M-day: Inglorious mustache edition.
This year we will also have the honor to celebrate the fifth anniversary of existence of our movement.

We prouddly envite our brothers in mustache to join our mustache invasion, or at least support our cause.
To join you simply have to appear during the JUNE 2ND wearing a true genuine mustache along your day, and send us a picture.
This picture , according with your mustache, will b awarded with a medal of honnor and goes o our hall of fame.
Thos Mustache invasion occurs in the extreme south of Brazil ( Porto Alegre – RS ) and Sao Paulo as a protxt statment against the extintion of the mustache.

We therefore need real mustacheans soldiers, those who will present themselves at the scheduled date with a truly honored mustache.
If you are ashamed to appear with a mustache and decides to give a disguised with a “little beard detail” or even that “beard that grows beneath the lips,” Command Mustache is not for you.

We want soldiers to be proud of his mustache. By definition Mustache is the hair that grows up your upper lip and that is fact. The rest is hype.
Pride ourselves on being the elite mustachean brazilianwide since 2005. Not affiliated with any company, but an anarchic independent movement.
Cultivate your outset, the style is free. Attend lunch with his mustache on the date and time stamped.
Remember that it is a secret operation till it’s revealed in the specific date, so discretion is key.

Participate and eventually become an officer in command Mustache.
Medals will be awarded to the most honored mustaches presented in the raid.

Await further instructions.

Be Brave, Be Mustachean

Gen. Rocha

Mustache member since 2005

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