M DAY67 – MUSTACHES AIRBORNE > International Release

Honorable Mustache soldiers

The beard was starting to get itchy, our girls complained, the boss commented, but here we are.
In this 67th birthday of D-DAY we, the mustachians from COMANDO shall honor the mustache veterans with a special edition of our tradicionl Mustache day: The M-DAY 67 > MUSTACHES AIRBORNE.
Our batalion started operating in a Design studio in 2005, but nowadays, as the AIRBORNE heroes, have members scatered in diferent workplaces eand distinct careers. Members and simpathizers are split in various states of Brasil and world wide. On JUNE 3RD we will honor thge date by showing up (by surprise) properly shaved and proudly displaying our well cultivated mustache during the month of may. Thanks to our DO NOT SHAVE IN MAY campaign many nem soldiers have joined our mustache cause.
The rules are pretty simple:

1- Show up with your mustache only ( no beards accepted) to your workplace, surprising coworkers with it.
2- Take a picture of your face with the mustache ( preferentialy at work) to prove your mustache effort, and send us at comandomustache@gmail.com for the” Comando Mustache’s Hall of fame” to receive your honor of merit medal according with the size and style of your mustache. In Comando Mustache there is no contest, if your mustaches qualifies in the categories you will receive your medal ( displayed along with your photo on the website).
3- Have lunch you the other mustache members in your city, so together you can , as we call it, “grease your mustaches”. This term is used ( even if you don’t have a mustache) to express that you are participating of a great barbecue Brazilian style event.
3- This year, in Porto alegre -RS( the original city) we will have our fuirts Mustache party called “NIGHT INVASION – The first party that was born with a Mustache”. It will congragate mustachians and supporters along with many girls that like mustache man. The cool thing isf you have a real mustache you get one beer for free, and if a chick brings a man with a mustache she also get a free beer. I hope it will be great. The Party invitations follows this post.

For more info contact us by mail or check for news on facebook, twitter or in our blog.
Thanks for our international support and feel invitede to participate with us on this JUNE 3RD.

Be Brave, Be a Mustachian.


Gen Rocha
Mustachian since 2005

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