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Esteemed Mustache Fellows from around the World

We are honored to communicate that ourLAST  DON’T SHAVE IN MAY campaign is alive and kicking again. Every year we prepare for our June Mustache invasion celebrating the brave mustachians from the past. We need this whole month of preparation cultivating our mustaches disguised as beards all for only one day of Glory: The M-DAY. Our women complain, bosses stare strange at us and for us who normally wear beards it looks really odd and uncomfortable in the beginning. For those of us who never cultivate the beard the MDAY is a day of courage to shave of something wich make part of them for so long – but it is totally worth in the end.

   We invite all Mustache fans worldwide to join us growing your beard for June 1st MDAY 2012. As soon as everyone forget the razors the sooner you will get a respectful mustache. We thank everyones support for this past 7 years in Brasil and worldwide, specially Mustache March and American Mustache Institute who believed in our cause since the beginning.
In this last edition we Encourage every soul to join us in our last mustache stand and if the world ends we will go down bravely with our mustaches standing in the middle of chaos. And next year, after this nonsense science world end talk ceases, we will be back again for more baby face kicking asses. Hopefully we will see each other again form mustache subject exchanges. For the time being it’s time to separate again the scared baby-faced boys from real mustache man.
“Be Brave and Be Mustachains.”
Gen. Rocha
Musachian Since 2005 till the end.

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