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After a whole month of preparation with the DON’T SHAVE IN MAY CAMPAING and the support of our mustachians all over brazil and abroad we invaded again, maybe for one last time. This year our 7 year old tradicional Mustache Invasion was called THE LAST MUSTACHE STAND due to the possibility of the world ending – or maybe it felt catchy. The fact is that more tnah 40 mustache man in our town and maybe the same number or more spent last JUNE First wearing a genuíne mustache – some of them for the very fisrt time in life. To recall our mustache experience consists of a month of beard growing for only one day of mustcahe glory. Mins the Mustache soldier must shave in the morning and go out to work with a mustache to surprise everyone. Traditionally our mustache battalions gather every mustache member in their towns for a greasy steak to “grease our mustaches”as we say around. At night each city mustache battalion invaded a party around with a massive mustache group. We had very nice reports of cool Comando Mustache parties around Brazil and even in England.  It was lot’s of fun and very well received by the ladies around who really dig a mustache guy this parts. Even though mustache is becoming kind of fashion around with all the merchandising and stuff we continue to fight for the respect mustaches had in the past as a state of  recognition of men maturity. After the fashion passes Comando Mustache – as you guys – will still exist to show that mustaches are forever till the end of times. Hopping for the best next year we will be here against all fake end of the world crap having the same fun we ‘ve been having since 2005. It’s a true honor to serve along with distinct mustache defenders such as AMI , Moustache march and so many other serious entities around the world. Thanks again for your support and here we share som pics with you. For more info or pics please go to our Official Comando Mustache Facebook page .

Thanks for the support.

Be Brave, Be a Mustachian.

Gen. Rocha

Mustachian since 2005

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