dont shave in may LOGO


It’s May and Comando Mustache launches it’s famous and traditional campaign about  preserving facial hair during mother’s month. The idea is really simple: FORGET YOUR RAZOR. Just forget the blades and live  this month the best you can, enjoying all the beneficts that a beard can bring you such as convenience, style and girls (if you use a beard regularly you know what we are talking about). In june, for our great mustache invasion, you will have enough beard to shave it out a memorable and respectful mustache. We remind you that to be part of Comando Mustache you only need to have a genuine mustache for the june invasion, no subscriptions is required. Start now and show what your face is made of. JUST LET IT GROW, BRO.


Several years ago the Institute of  Mustachian Researches from Comando Mustache (IMR) wondered how could they qualify the growing of a vigorous and distinct mustache of a good shape and size for our classic june mustache invasion? It all came up after the complaint of several fellow mustachians about the short time they had to grow their facial upper lip hair. That’s when the IMR, after some research, discovered that it would take about 4 to 6 weeks to acquire a respectful mustache. In 2007, after 2 years of Comando Mustache’s first invasion in Brazil,  the DON’T SHAVE IN MAY campaign finally happened, so the mustachian fellows could grow a mustache disguised under a beard for a whole month and start planing their future mustache style. IMR also noticed that for some  it seemed uncomfortable to grow a mustache from the begging, with all that crazy upper lip hair growing wildly and slowly in into your face with no particular shape, so the DSM campaign turned out to be a big hit.  After that many new mustachians joined the cause and are, as we write, cultivating for a single day of mustache glory. If you wanna join in just keep growing and wait for new instructions.

Don't think too much. Just don't shave.

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